p is for penguins (year 2, week 22)

We bought our house last week and are starting to move into it.  This penguin them looks like so much fun that I'm sad we'll be missing it.  I think this is another one that we'll have to come back to later.  For now, enjoy this special installment of "look what I pinned."

- Antarctic food chain
- penguin measuring activity
- transportation in Antarctica
- penguin lapbook
- orca fact cards
- counting penguins
- penguin life cycle cards
- parts of an orca cards
- map of Antarctica
- subtraction slide game
- polar opposites
- 50 animals of Antarctica
- penguin 3-part cards
- temperature reading cards

- how do penguins stay dry experiment
- ice melting experiment
- penguin small world
- penguin counters
- ice building
- ice sensory bin
- icicle counting by 10
- will it slide experiment

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I thought you might enjoy seeing some picture of our real life.  Here's one from our move.  Most of our things were already stored in totes, so they're very quick to pack.  It's the stuff we use everyday that is going to be a pain to move.

The day we closed on our house, we drove a bit through our new town.  We found a really nice playground with a picnic pavillion and a very small skate park.


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