T is for T-Rex (year 2, week 24)

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We're back!  And just in time for our most anticipated unit for the year!  "T is for T-Rex" is all about teeth, giants, and science.  Dragonfly (a self-proclaimed "science girl") has been asking so many questions about dinosaurs, bones, and paleontology lately that I'm very happy to indulge her with this fun, hands-on unit.

We read our first novel this week as a group- Dinosaurs Before Dark (a Magic Tree House book).  The kids loved it!  We started out reading at breakfast, and they wouldn't let me stop.  We read at breakfast and lunch on one day and breakfast and lunch on another day, and we finished the book.  In two days!  Even the two year old kept saying, "More!  More!" when we got to the end of a chapter.  I was very impressed with their attention span.  And, they couldn't wait to start our next book, which we did the very next day.

My fabulous sister came over yesterday to babysit for Valentine's Day and stayed the night.  Then, she stayed on through the day to do lots of neat things with the kids.  She brought a pile of dinosaurs that were her own toys from her childhood and taught the kids all the dinosaur names.  She also helped them make some free art with dinosaur footprints and paint.

My husband was home sick, so we didn't do any school.  Instead, I worked on the house.  We're slowly making things like normal again.

We spent the morning at Bible study (our weekly socialization time).  My husband was home sick again, so I left him with the kids and went thrift store shopping in our new town.

Our day that we finally did some dinosaur stuff.  It wasn't very awesome.  Mostly we talked about dinosaurs, played with dinosaurs, and then ate dinosaurs for lunch.  We also talked about carnivores and herbivores a bit.

The kids were in an anxious, destructive mode, so I spent a lot of time cleaning up after them.  We didn't get any school done except two chapter in our read-aloud chapter book.

Things We Learned This Week
- the names of dinosaurs: pteranodon, tyrannosaurus rex, and stegosaurus
- that the kids (ages 4, 3, and 2) can listen to chapter books
- how scientist make inferences about the dinosaurs by what they find

- Safari dinosaur skull 3-part cards
- paleontologist anchor chart
- measuring dino bones
- lots of amazing dinosaur printables
- dino facts printables
- dinosaur word wall printables
- dino pre-k pack
- dinosaur tile spelling cards
- dinosaur preschool pack
- egg puzzles

- dinosaur world felt play mat
- dinosaur measuring
- giant dinosaur sand skeleton
- counting dinosaur bones
- dinosaur eggs discovery bin
- 4 types of fossils
- mini real dig site
- DIY fossils
- dinosaur skulls toob
- dinosaur toob
- feathered dinosaur toob
- carnivorous dinosaur toob
- dino babies
- Sue and her friends toob
- Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
dinosaurs for kids video
- Dinosaur Train (free seasons on Amazon prime)

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