y is for yarn (year 2, week 23)

We're finally moved into our new home!  This week's theme is "y is for yarn," focusing on all thing woolly, stringy, and knitterly.

- yarn worksheets
- sorting yarn by color
- parts of a sheep
- letter "y" pack

- books about yarn
- how sheep are sheered video
- yarn lapbook
- yarn sheep
- yarn transfer
- how yarn is made video
- measure with yarn
- working sheepdog video
- yarn letters
- yarn sensory bin
- yarn painting
- how cotton yarn is made video

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Here's a picture from our moving adventures.  The kids washed their outside toys so they could play with them inside.


  1. Fun! Our son just learned to knit this year. He is making himself a little blanket. #Learn&PlayLinkUp


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