D is for Desert (year 2, week 28)

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We started our week with a family movie night.  The kids saw Princess Bride for the first time.  They liked it (although they were a bit young to follow the plot).  Fortunately, some parts of the movie were perfect for family nap time.

Pie Day
- felt circle fractions
- Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi
- Sir Cumference and the First Round Table
- Pi Explained in 3.14 minutes
- Pi Day song

And we made some apple pies!
This was Dragonfly's first time cutting with a real knife.  I was right next to her the whole time.  She was very conscience of the danger and was very careful.  She did awesome!

We introduced the topic of "deserts" today with a Wild Kratts episode and a bit of discussion about what a desert is like.  Dragonfly offered that the desert was hot, sandy, and full of snakes.

This is our "socialization day" with Bible study in the morning.  By the time naps are over, the kids are ready for some unstructured play time.

We had sunshine today!  We spent most of the day outside, even though it was probably fifty degrees.  We explored our new yard, moved some things around to make a play area for the kids, and got a couple pots ready for planting.  The kids and I also talked about where our fun outdoor activities are going to go around the yard and what things we'd like to grow this summer.  It was very satisfying to be outside, soaking up the vitamin D and moving our muscles.

The kids also enjoyed showing me the skills they've been working on outside.  Dragonfly has figured out how to pedal her bike, and Skimmer is also trying to learn the mechanics of bike riding.  We're going to get him a regular bike soon, but he's been enjoying his balance bike so much.  Tadpole is ready for the balance bike, which will mean that all the kids can ride together.  He (T) was also showing me how brave he's gotten this spring, whether walking on the balance beam or jumping off the bottom step.  I love seeing how much the kids are growing.

My goal today was to actually focus on the desert!  Fridays are interesting because my husband often has works only a half day.  We didn't do it.  I really need to get a library card and get back into the habit of checking out good books.

Instead, we had a family day and went to the park!  Even after we got home, we played outside some more.  It was a great day, but not very "desert-themed."

- cattle drive game
- desert 3-part cards for Safari desert toob
-  mini matching cards for the Safari desert toob
- cowboy counting cards
- life cycle of a snake
- desert themed writing cards
- lots of Oregon Trail printables
- desert preschool printables
- wild west preschool printables
- cowboy preschool printables
- wild west math printables
- wild west literacy printables
- Oregon Trail lapbook
- cattle round up literacy clip cards

- desert writing tray
- panning for gold
- cactus experiment
- desert sensory bin
- pioneer activities

- desert animal adaptations
- coyote information video
- sidewinder rattlesnake
- roadrunner running
- exploring American desert animals
- wildlife of the American southwest

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