M is for Monster (year 2, week 26)

This week was all about math.  We counted and added and practiced identifying numbers.  I had intended to bake "monster" cookies, but it didn't happen.  One really neat thing that happened this week was Dragonfly doing a handwriting worksheet for the first time.  She did so well and felt so grown up.  I love her "concentration" lips in the picture below.  I also "tested" her kindergarten skills with some monster worksheets, picking out difference in monsters by comparing details.  She did great and is getting very excited about starting "real" homeschool next year.

Dragonfly's first time writing.  Obviously, we're still working on pencil-grip skills.

- size sorting
- word sorting
- math monsters
- roll and cover
- pattern worksheets
- same comparisons worksheets
- differences comparisons worksheets
- count and clip cards
- not-so-scary monsters printable pack
- preschool pack
- number line cards 0-130
- letter mazes

- play dough
- blow painting
- graphing pi
- monster sensory bin
- math munchers
- letter M's outline with eyes

Just for fun, here's a picture of our new house:

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