A is for America (year 2, week 33)

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In the last few weeks, we've looked at the state we live in and the planet/continent we live on, so this week we focused on the country!  I hung up our US map this week and our theme cards, all of which gave us lots of things to talk about.  We also focused a lot on patriotic songs and flag etiquette to help prepare the kids for life outside our schoolroom.  The weather was great this week, so the kids played outside and with water most of every day.  Surprisingly, we didn't do very much that was red, white, and blue.

One of the first things we did this week was play roll and cover with our 50 stars paper (you can find a similar one here).  I made the dice myself and bought the wood stars on Amazon.  Dragonfly did very well with the counting.  I liked how the game gave her practice recognizing numbers and counting one-to-one correspondence numbers.

We used our US Monuments toob and our 3-part cards to learn about the different symbols of the United States.  On several of the objects, we were able to look up at our US map and see a cartoon picture of the symbol in the state where it is found.  Eventually, I'd love to have her/them place the symbols on the map themselves.

Friday was Passover, so we made unleavened bread.  Dragonfly loved the sensory experience of playing in flour, kneading it, and rolling it out.  She even wrapped the leftover dough around her arm like a cast.

- USA symbols 3-part cards
- US desert 3-part cards
- North American animals 3-parts cards
- N.A. river animals 3-part cards
- US inventors 3-part cards
- US history 3-part cards
- American mini theme posters
- American cowboys cattle drive game
- flag positioning puzzles
- roll and cover American flag
- US presidents 3-part cards
- how to fold an American flag
- election graphing
- US state bingo

- red, white, and blue Montessori activities
- sensory bin with spelling word tiles

- Star Spangled Banner
- American Kid
- Proud to be an American
- the Battle Hymn of the Republic
- Star Spangled Banner in sign language
- US states in geographical order
- America the Beautiful
- 50 states and capitols song
- the Pledge of Allegiance 

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