All About Altoids (part 2)

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Part one of All About Altoids happened on a Travel Time Tuesday and featured games and travel items that could be contained in an Altoid.

Todays, AAA post will be about homeschooling.  I made these tins over last summer, but forgot to blog about them.  So, here they are:

This was a super easy game to make for toddlers/preschoolers.  It's just a clothespin and a black pipe cleaner that has been cut into 1.5" or 2" pieces.  The child can pinch the clothespin to pick up the "worms."  They can either be transferred to the tin or to a nest that you could also include in the tin.  Of course, you could also dress the clothespin up a bit so that it looked more like a bird.

I used 1" wood circles and world flag stickers to create this matching game.  The kids aren't ready for this one yet either, but the game is ready when they are.  There are 12 pairs.  They could be used for math games or sorting as well.

This was also a super simple tin to put together.  I added a few 3" bolts and a few nuts for some fine motor practice.

I used white beans to create these spelling beans.  They can be used in place of letter tiles for letter matching or spelling.

I also made a printable for this game, but it's also super easy to DIY.  I painted wood circles with acrylic paint and wrote letters on them with a sharpie.

These two tins aren't really games exactly, but the objects in them can be used for spooning practice, counting, clipping, pinching, and in sensory bins.

I hope you got a few more ideas for how you could use altoid tins in your schooling.  How do you use altoid tins?  Please comment below.


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