B is for Body (year 2, week 35)

We had a really strange week.  Our internet didn't work for most of it, which cut into my lesson prep.  We did a lot of talking about the body and the systems within it.  The kids enjoyed our new posters and spent a lot of time naming body parts inside and outside the body.  We also say "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" quite a bit.

We're sort of winding down for the year.  I'm already spending a lot of time preparing for next year.  I still haven't organized our school supplies yet, so I've been working on that as well.

The kids have been playing outside a lot and painted their bodies in mud several times.

- internal organs cards
- preschool body parts labeling worksheet
- five senses board game
- five senses science notebook
- immune system printables
- human skeleton 
- counting by 5's with toes
- pretend play doctor kit
- human body posters ($)
- Safari Toob matching cards
- human organs coloring pages

blood sensory bin
listen through a stethoscope
- fingerprints
- separating red and white blood cells
- how skin and bruising works
- how bones and muscles work
- lung model
- digestion model
- glitter germ experiment


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