DIY Math Games (All About Altoids)

This is my third post featuring Altoid Tins.  The first one was on a Travel Time Tuesday.  The second one was about storing homeschool supplies in tins.  This third one will be about math games you can make and store in a tin.

This may seem like a morbid game, but the kids think it's funny.  The ladybug buttons can be tossed like dice and then counted and graphed as to which ones are "alive" (red side up) or "dead" (black side).  I think this would work well as a 10-frame graphing game where the kids could color in their results.  You can get a free printable 10-frame game board here.  Of course, they can also be used for addition and subtraction number sentences or word problems.  You could even play "war" with them to see who can get the most points.

This is a similar game, except we're graphing red or blue tree frogs instead.  We painted white beans with spray paint.  They have a very nice texture that I think the kids will enjoy touching.  They can be used for addition and subtraction work/games.  Once again, here is the free 10-frame game board that kids can use to graph their results.

I reduced the printable from the Picklebums' blog, laminated them, and placed them on magnetic paper.  They can be played with on the fridge or on a cookie sheet.  I they're just the right size to fit a bunch of them stacked in two columns.  I also made a similar game with playing boards to make it a bit easier.

I hope you found something to use today.  What's your favorite math game?  Please tell us in the comments.

10-frame worksheet


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