Letter Tiles for Spelling

I love the idea of using Scrabble tiles for spelling practice, but I'm not fond of presenting all capital letters to the kids.  We're also not using "print" handwriting font in our homeschool, so I wanted to make some spelling tiles that matched the font we're using (D'nealian).  I also made the vowels and consenants different colors to match our movable alphabet.

The tiles include four sets of alphabet tiles, three lowercase and one uppercase.  They can be used for spelling almost any word, matching lowercase to lowercase or lowercase to uppercase, letter identification, crossword or spelling games (although you might need more tiles), sentence writing, and anywhere else you might use letters.

Blank "Scrabble" tiles can be purchased from Etsy.  The ones
in the printable are sized to be used on one-inch squares.

I made the tiles without "Scrabble" values first.  Then, I remembered that I have made a lot of spelling games with math components using Scrabble values (such as the Candy Store or the safari list).  I decided to make my tiles with both sets of letters, the plain on one side and the value ones on the other.

To download the plain tiles without values, click here.  For the "Scrabble" like tiles, click here.

We're going to be using "All About Reading" next year for kindergarten.  I decided to create a set of phonics tiles to go with the ones I have already made.  To download the phonics set, click here.

I was browsing Pinterest and saw several ideas for games using Scrabble or Bananagram tiles.  I made a set of four "bingo" style games using my homemade tiles.  Three of the boards are in black-and-white and one is in color, to make them more printer friendly.  There is a "fancy" board for a game of "Draw," a colorful "letter speedway" page for letter/color matching, a black-and-white cars pages, and a fun popcorn letters board.  All four games can be played individually or in a small group.  Players take turns drawing a letter tile out of a pile, a cup, a popcorn tin... and then find the matching letter on their board.  If the letter on their board is already covered, then the player should put the letter back in the pile.  The winner can be the person to have all their letters filled in or the person with a "bingo" (a row across, down, or diagonal).  I hope you enjoy!

To download the game boards, click here.

Update: I've added cursive tiles!  I put my cursive letters on 1.25" wood disks, to help us find them quickly among the print letters.  I also made 1-inch square tiles if you would rather have them like scrabble tiles.  I didn't put the values on them like I did the other ones.  Instead, I made them so you could put a print-font letter on one side and the cursive letter on the other side.  I'm hoping that this provides a bit of a "control of error" for kids as they're learning their cursive letters.

You can download the square cursive letter tiles here.  And the round tiles here.


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