F is for Fossil (year 2, week 39)

We missed our dinosaur week when we moved this winter, so I thought we'd make it up this summer.  It was a really short week because of the holiday, but we plowed into it anyways.

When we go on our road trip, we're going to a "dinosaur museum" for Dragonfly's fifth birthday!  So, ,this week we read the book "Who Cleans the Dinosaur Bones?" which talks the different jobs at the museum. We also read "Digging Up Dinosaurs" about paleontology and pretended to be paleontologists digging for bones!

We watched quite a bit of Youtube videos about dinosaurs, fossils, and paleontology.  We also watched several "read-to-me" books on Youtube.  It was a nice, laid-back way to end a busy weekend.

Read-to-Me Books:
- Berenstain Bears Dinosaur Dig
- Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones
- Curious George's Dinosaur Discovery
- How Do Dinosaurs Eat There Food
- Alphabet of Dinosaurs

Safari dinosaur skull 3-part cards
paleontologist anchor chart
measuring dino bones
lots of amazing dinosaur printables
dino facts printables
dinosaur word wall printables
dino pre-k pack
dinosaur tile spelling cards
dinosaur preschool pack
egg puzzles

dinosaur world felt play mat
dinosaur measuring
giant dinosaur sand skeleton
counting dinosaur bones
dinosaur eggs discovery bin
4 types of fossils
mini real dig site
DIY fossils
dinosaur skulls toob
dinosaur toob
feathered dinosaur toob
carnivorous dinosaur toob
dino babies
Sue and her friends toob

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
dinosaurs for kids video
Dinosaur Train (free seasons on Amazon prime)

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