Interactive Science Notebook- Sorting (printable)

We're going to try interactive science notebooks in our homeschool again next year.  My big mistake this past year was to not have a firm enough idea of what things were going in the notebook.  Next fall, I'll like to have a sample notebook made as a reference for Dragonfly and have all our materials printed and organized before the year begins.  I think those two things will give us a much better chance of success.

To begin our notebooks, I've created a series of sorting sheets, which will require cutting, pasting, and analysis based on what the child knows about the different animals.

Next year, we're going to be studying the marine mammals, so there is a sorting activity with differentiating mammals and fish.  The names of the animals are provided as a control.  These sorting boards aren't meant to be tests as much as they're meant to be learning activities and a chance to show growth and knowledge.

To download the marine mammals sort, click here.

To download the monkeys or apes sort, click here.

To download the land mammals sort, click here.

To download the invertebrate or vertebrate sort, click here.

And to download the farm or not sort, click here.


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