More Fonts for the DIY Educator

I'm always on the lookout for fun or interesting fonts to use in our homeschooling.  I wrote a post about them before, but here are twenty more:

{1} DJB Chalk It Up (pictured)

{2} KG Neatly Printed (school print)

{3} KG Empire of Dirt

{4} KG Ten Thousand Reasons (crayon)

{5} Big Top (circus)

{6} Paper Banner (garland)

{7} Build a Game (game boards and pieces)

{8} KG Teacher's Helper (stuff for worksheets)

{9} Tilez (Scrabble)

{10} KG Fractions and KG Traditional Fractions

{11}Animals (silhouettes- Wild Kratts)

{12} KG Math Bar Models (math worksheets)

{13} School Script Dashed (cursive with lines)

{14} KG Arrow (dingbats)

{15} Geobats (silhouettes of countries and continents)

{16} Gallaudet (ASL finger spelling)

{17} Braille (dots)

{18} Tally Mark (math helps)

{19} Human Body Parts (anatomy drawings)

{20} White Dominoes (math worksheets/games)


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