Interactive Science Notebook for Kindergartners

This year, Dragonfly (my self-appointed "Science Girl") had a list of requests for me of animals that she'd like to study.  I love her enthusiasm and have created this science "curriculum" accordingly.  The non-science themes are centered around holidays and when we'll be taking our school breaks (every break in the line is a week or more off).

{Letter}  (Theme)  Activity
{  } apples (our BTS tradition)- Montessori world map book
{G} gorilla (monkeys and apes)- monkey and ape sort
{V} vulture (scavengers)- letter V hunt
{E} elephant (African savannah)- parts of an elephant
{C} camel (African desert)- parts of camel book

{H} horse (farm)- farm or not sort
{A} alligator (American swamps)- life cycle of alligator
{L} lizard (American desert)- parts of a lizard
{N} night owl (nocturnal animals)- nocturnal or not lift the flap
{  } pumpkins, seeds, etc- pumpkin mini journal

{U} umbrella bird (South American rainforest)- what is a rainforest book
{  } cookies (Christmas)- smells of Christmas
{  } snow and winter- pattern block snowflake

{P} penguins (Antarctica)- penguin life cycle
{Y} yak (Siberian Asia)- parts of a tiger
{B} bears (panda bears)- panda information book
{T} tiger (Asian rainforest)- parts of a tiger book
{D} dinosaur (paleontology)- fossil puzzle
{  } who I love (Valentines Day)- what I love survey

{Z} zebra fish (coral reef)- label a fish
{S} sharks- food chain
{M} manatee (marine mammals)- marine mammal sort
{O} octopus (invertebrates)- vertebrate/invertebrate sort
{Q} quail (birds)- parts of a bird puzzle
{R} rabbit (mammals)- land mammals sort

{K} kangaroo (Australia)- parts of kangaroo
{X} fox (Europe)- fox report
{W} worms (composting/garden)- parts of a worm
{I} inchworm (insects)- life cycle of insect
{J} jumping spider (arachnids)- label a spider
{F} frogs (pond)- life cycle of a frog
{  } bees- hexagon math

Here is what I planned for last year when Dragonfly was a preschooler.

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