Our School Supply List (2016-2017)

This year, I have three scholars.  Dragonfly will be in kindergarten, Skimmer will be in prekindergarten, and Tadpole will be in preschool.  Not that it really matters, since we're homeschooling and they'll be learning together.

Duct taping the marker lids together help
keep the markers together.  It's also very
easy to tell when one is missing and adds
accountability for the kid to get her
markers all put away correctly.  As a
bonus, having the markers close to each
other like this, means that kids are
working on strengthening their fingers
and they don't even know it's happening.
General Supplies
- regular Ticonderoga Pencils
- fat Ticonderoga Pencils
- RSVP pens (still my favorite for lefties)
- fat Washable crayons (Skimmer and Tadpole)
- regular 16-pack Washable crayons (Dragonfly)
- fat Washable markers
- wet erase markers
- lined white boards
- white chalk
- kindergarten lined paper (copywork)
- pink, blue, and clear crayon boxes (crayons)
- pink, blue, and clear crayon boxes (glue sponges)
- clear crayon boxes for life cycle sets
pink, blue, green, and black composition books (science notebooks)
- chewable pencil toppers (Etsy)

Safari Toobs
- Land Down Under
- Dolphins and Whales
- Monkeys and Apes
- Alligators
- Horses

- Horizons Kindergarten Math book 1+2 and Teacher's Book
- Cursive Workbook

(also see this post for more information)

Wish List
- extra large world map
- world globe
- large chalkboard


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