Even More Themed 10-Frames

This blogger is very honored to be part of Safari Ltd's blogger campaign #HowiSafari!  I'm going to be posting twice a month about the ways that our family uses Safari Ltd products in our homeschool.  The following is my first Safari sponsored blog post:

Last week, I posted a bunch of fun, themed 10-frames.  I just couldn't stop adding to the list, so here are a bunch more!

Firstly, I did spiders, which I think are pretty cute.  We're planning on using them for our spider unit this spring, but they would also be appropriate for Halloween.  If you want to go 3D, you can use plastic spiders like these.

Our back-to-school tradition is to focus on all things apple-y for the first week.  We make pies and sauce, sample different apple varieties, and to lots of apple-themed activities.  I made this set of apple 10-frames in honor of that tradition.  The PDF comes with a 20-frame game board and two sets of apples.  The apple pieces could also be used for patterning and addition problems.  If you wanted to go 3D, you could use these mini apples to add some extra fun.

For Thanksgiving, I made a 10-frame turkey pack.  Alternatively, you could use these plastic pumpkins as counters.

Of course, I couldn't leave out Christmas.  I love peppermint and thought it would be so fun to use peppermint candies as counters.  The file also comes with 2D counters and a 20-frame board.

Lastly, I made a dinosaur 10-frame set.  The PDF contains a 20-frame and 20 warning sign counters.

I'm very excited to use Safari Ltd Carnivorous Dinosaurs toob animals as counters as well.  We rolled a 10-sided dice to see how many dinos we should add to our 10-frame.  The dinosaurs stood up well on their own.  What you can't see in the picture is the little hands who couldn't wait to touch their new acquisition.  Dragonfly was very excited to tell me all the dinosaur names.  The details on the toob animals is so well done that she had no problems identifying them.  For the moms who need a bit of help learning the dinosaurs, Safari provides a key on their website.

My kids were very excited to look at the catalogue Safari Ltd sent us with the toob of dinosaurs.  I think every single one of the figurines is on their Christmas list now.  It was very fun to hear them excitedly turning through every page and describing every animal.  The catalogue can also be found at the Safari website.

We're very excited to be partnering with Safari Ltd in their How I Safari campaign.  Check back soon!


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