Nesting African Food Chain

FREE Nesting African Food Chain Printable from In Our Pond

This next week at Mommy School, we're focusing on vultures and scavengers.  Like my gorilla unit, it's been tough to find activities or ideas for this theme.  I ran across the idea of a food chain from a different ecosystem, and decided to make one for Africa with the vulture at the top.

This is a very basic, four-step food chain, suitable for kindergarten or first grade.  The four steps are producer (grass), herbivore (zebra), carnivore (lion), and scavenger (vulture).  The printable is set up so the student can make a tube of each animal (cut out and glue at the shaded section).  If the tubes are stacked smallest to largest, it gives them impression that the one on top has eaten the one below.  I think my kids will enjoy the "magic" of the process.  I'm planning on printing on cardstock.  Alternatively, the pieces could be attached to toilet paper rolls that have been reduced to be different sizes.

Visit the blog on Saturday to see how the completed project (v is for vulture post).

To download the file, click here.

FREE Nesting African Food Chain Printable from In Our Pond


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