c is for camel (year 3, week 5)

We had a death in the family, so we took this week as a vacation. I wrote two bereavement posts: one on books and one on funeral preparations.

Still, we did talk a bit about camels.  We talked about their key features, that they are mammals, how they survive in the desert, and where they live.

The one official "school" thing that we did this week was to play with our Safari Dromedary Camel.  We named the parts, and then tested the wide foot in sand vs a "pokey," skinny foot.  The wide foot is perfectly designed for walking in the sand.  Thanks to Safari Ltd for allowing us to participate in their #HowiSafari campaign.

Dragonfly also spent some time writing with a paintbrush in the sand and having quite a pretend with the camel and the "hot snow."  She couldn't imagine a place with hills of hot sand.

Blog Posts About Camels
- 10-frame printable

Printables About Camels
- parts of a camel
- camel notebooking pages
camel informational reading
desert/camel science notebook
- Egypt printable pack
- 3-part cards for Safari Ltd's Egypt toob

Ideas for a Camel Unit
- Exploring Egypt unit
- Egypt sensory bin
- wood block pyramid
- how to mummify
- grinding spices
- Egyptian sensory bin with camel
- digging for spelling words
- hieroglyphic writing tray


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