Fall Break 2016

I set up our schedule this year to allow for a one-week break every 3-6 weeks (depending on the calendar).  This week was our first break since school began, a chance to catch-up with things, a time to reflect and reassess, a space for appointments and housework, and a week for fun blog posts.  It was so great to take the time and not feel guilty about what the kids might be missing.

Gymnastics Day!

Blog post- Rules for Gift Giving

Homeschooled at the pediatric dentist.

AWANA day!

Blog post- 20+ Themed Salt Writing Trays

House cleaning day.  Got rid of stuff and organized the house for fall.

We had a nice break, but I need to work on getting more done for the household during our time off of homeschooling (wink).  I enjoyed blogging this week as I hadn't done since school started.


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