h is for horse (year 3, week 6)

Dragonfly requested this unit.  I was very surprised how little I found for ideas and printable specifically about horses.  Maybe eventually we'll do a popular subject- but not next week 'cause we're talking about alligators.

I was sick over the weekend and very weak on Monday, so we didn't start homeschool.  The kids watched the new Ice Age movie about six times.  Fortunately, we did find a few things in the movie to talk about in a homeschooling way.  There is a scene with an electrical storm, positive and negative charge, and static electricity.  We talked about those concepts a bit.

Then, we watched a bunch of Youtube videos about how and why germs make us sick and the importance of washing our hands.

The kids practiced their engineering skills by playing with duplos all day.  Dragonfly also did a few math worksheets for the first time in two weeks.  I saw how good the break was for her brain, because she was better able to grasp concepts that she had been struggling with.  And, she drew a very nice number two, which has been a challenge for her since we started school this year.

AWANA day!

We watched a few funny horse videos on Youtube.

It rained all day and the kids hibernated, sleeping in late and then taking extra long naps.  It was SO nice for Mommy, but we didn't do any schooling.

We finally had a big homeschool day!

The kids loved their horse sensory bin!  The "grass" is dyed rice mixed with a bit of regular rice.  I love the way it looks!  There are a few foam apples in the bin and a whole toob of Safari Ltd Horses!  The toob came with 12 animals, plenty for each child.

We also used the horses to make footprints in play dough.

The "Uncover a Horse" book is from Amazon.  We have a bunch of books from this collection and love them all.  It's so fun to look at all of them at once and compare the different systems between species.  Great for a "Science Girl" (Dragonfly).

For math, we counted m&ms and did some basic addition and subtraction.  Dragonfly also did a math worksheet and used the horses on a 10-frame.

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Follow my FARM Pinterest boardhttps://www.pinterest.com/inourpond/h-is-for-horse/ for more ideas!

I thought I'd slow off my fall decorations, just for fun.  I'm a heavy-duty Pinterest-er but not a very good decorator.  Still, it's the little touches that make a house a home.  Maybe it will inspire you to buy some mini pumpkins and call it decorating (wink).

Top- Chalkboard sign from Target Dollar Spot.

Middle- the window by the kitchen sink.  Three mini pumpkins from the grocery store, a wood sign, and our silverware.  Perhaps eventually, I'll get around to putting the printable for the jar labels on the blog.  If you're wondering why the middle one is plastic, it's because we've broken way too many glass jars.  The knives are just heavy enough to make the glass crack (sad day).  The sink caddy is one of my favorite things in the house.  It holds the soap, a bottle brush (back when I used bottles), the sink plug, and has a place to hang the dishcloth!

Bottom- our coffee area (to the left of the sink).  The jars (mismatched as they are) hold our coffee, tea, and extras (marshmallows, white chocolate chips, hot cocoa mix, mini chocolate chips, etc).  The mugs came from World Market.  I really like that they stack and are so colorful. The printables came from here and here (and a bonus one about October)


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