Accessorize the Play Kitchen

4 more Mondays until Christmas!

The kids are getting a play kitchen for Christmas!  My dad is building it, and I'm very excited.  I've been sewing up some felt food and collecting some clean recycling to stock their kitchen.  I thought it might be helpful for others if I did a blog post about play kitchen accessories.  I hope this inspires you in your own Christmas preparations!

Store-Bought Accessories

Melissa and Doug Pots and Pans
Every kitchen needs some pots for the stovetop.  I like this set by M&D because they're a good size for pretend play (about 5" diameter) and they look durable.

Green Toys Tea Set
In all reality, these tea cups will probably become the kids regular drinking cups 80% of the time.  They're made from recycled milk jugs, so I feel good about letting my kids drink out of them.  I can see many tea parties in our future.

Stainless Steel Tea Set
If staying way from plastic is important to you, then you'll need to check out this stainless steel tea set.

Melissa and Doug Fill 'Em Up Bowls
These are bowls with plastic pieces that fit into them to simulate different types of meals.  I know the kids will really be excited about the mac and cheese one, but the cereal will be popular too.  I like that they don't have a lot of pieces to lose.

Realistic Chicken Eggs
30 eggs for $7 bucks is a steal!  You could even buy a chicken if your child would enjoy collecting their own eggs!  Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and baking.

International Bread Set
I love making bread, so I can see my kids making a lot of types of breads in their kitchen.  I like the variety in this set, as it includes both leavened and unleavened bread.

Melissa and Doug Christmas Cookie Set
This set looks like so much fun!  Velcro sticks the cookies together so that they can be "sliced" apart and baked.

Felt Groceries

I really enjoy making felt food!

- For our summer road trip, I made a "counting" pizza out of felt and plastic canvas.  This would be a good addition to our play kitchen as well.

- I love the cute foods from Bugga Bugs Patterns on Etsy like this grocery set and these cereal bowls.

- This blogger had a great idea for condiments using recycled bottles

- Every holiday dinner needs a turkey with detachable parts!

- And perhaps pancakes for breakfast?

- Or maybe a bagel is your favorite?

- Check out this amazing bread!  Isn't it fabulous?

- This is a tutorial to turn a pizza crust into a soft taco.

- Another amazing felt creation: a grilled cheese sandwich

- Matzah for Passover!  Gotta make it in time for spring.

- PBJ sandwich made with felt and hot glue.

- This steak has a raw side and a cooked side.

- I would never make this popcorn.

Felt Sweets

Nothing says play kitchen like treats!

- A few years ago, I made this set of felt muffins in a variety of flavors.  I still haven't gotten the courage to give them to the children yet.  Maybe they're ready this year?

- I started this insane felt cake about a year ago and haven't decided whether or not to finish it.  It's looks so fun!

- I bought a pattern for cookies and cocoa from The Pixie Palace on Etsy that are absolutely adorable.  Now, um, I just need to make them (wink).

- These flour and sugar sacks are on my list of things to make.

- I'm going to try to make a couple pies this year (pattern coming soon).

- I've been playing around with this free pattern for gingerbread men and snowmen cookies.

- Another inspiring felt food- smores!

- I also find this ice cream sundae pretty cool.

- free felt pie pattern

{See more ideas on Pinterest!}


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