Elf Traveling House

3 more Mondays until Christmas!

I've been having way too much fun preparing for Joy, our Kindness Elf.  She debuts with our kids this week for the very first time.  I bought a 10 inch metal lunch box to store her and her belongings.  As you can see from the picture, they fit pretty nicely.  Here's the list of what I've put in it:

Crafts I've Made

- gingerbread cookies (buttons) on a cheery teal cookie sheet

- button Nativity scene set on a plastic canvas background

- folding bed out of plastic canvas sized to the doll and 1/2" thick

- printable Cheerios box

- printable cake mix box

- printable chocolate chip bag

- printable tissue box

- knitting: embroidery floss (variegated) on mini wood spools with large eye needles

- plastic canvas Christmas tree

- mini tea cup and saucer

- wood suitcase

- good luck minis frog and duck

- bottle of rock chips (for bath salts)

- elf dust in a bottle (elf medicine)

{Other Ideas}
- apron
- laptop
- coffee cup and newspaper
- colored pencils
- tablet
- towels
- candles
- sleeping bag
- fire
- mailbox
- movie screens and accessories
- doughnut box
- Luke 2 Bible
- envelopes
- mini J.O.Y. sign


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