n is for night owl (year 3, week 9)

We spent a lot of time homeschooling in the dark this week as we learned about night owls.  We bought a black light flashlight for our schooling this week and did a lot of fun activities using the fascinating light.

Next year, I think we should have a glow light party for Day Light Savings Time day!

Gymnastics class!

After dinner, I let Dragonfly trace the numbers in her math workbook with highlighter.  It's not a great writing tool for every day but it was very fun tonight.  It was an easy way to make a boring task more interesting.

Then, Tadpole wanted to join the fun so I gave them both a highlighter and a piece of paper for drawing.  I had them draw with regular light first and then revealed their picture in black light.
They were delighted.

Election Day!

We watched a few videos about owls and compared them to reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and other birds.  Dragonfly was especially fascinated to realize so many animals hatch from eggs, but they're not all the same.

AWANA day!

My week lost steam when I learned that my package of owl puke (pellet) had been stolen from the mail.  Amazon refunded us the price, but it hasn't been replaced.  Dragonfly was hoping for an entire skeleton for her "museum."  I told her we'd try again later this year.

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