Science Toys for Science Kids

6 more Mondays until Christmas!

Dragonfly is a "Science Girl" so I'm always looking for gift ideas that fit her interests.  Biology seems to be her favorite science, but I've included the others to be fair.  I hope this list inspires you and the little "science geek" in your life.

- tadpole to frog (add frog life cycle set and a book)

worm farm (add worm life cycle set and a book)

ant farm (add ant life cycle set and a book)

sea monkeys (aka brine shrimp)

- larvae to ladybug (add ladybug life cycle set and a book)

- caterpillar to butterfly (add butterfly life cycle set and a book)

- My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

- Learning Resources science lab (pretend play)

- Everything Kids' Science Experiment book

- Legos (and Duplos)

- magnetic tiles

- tinker toys

- snap circuits

traditional wood blocks

western architecture wood blocks

- middle eastern architecture wood blocks

-  build-a-coliseum wood block set

- grow crystals

- Jr Paleontologist dig kit (add a book)

- dino claw collection

- Dig!  Discover the Civil War

- mummy excavation kit

- rock collection

- Science Kit for Kids (Preschool Powol Packets)

- DIY Science Kit (Fun at Home with Kids)

- Dollar Store S.T.E.M. Kit (Little Bins for Little Hands)

- Kitchen Science Kit (Playdough to Plato)

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