C is for Christmas Cookies (year 3, week 12)

It's Christmas time!

Gymnastics class!  We stayed home because of sickness.

The kids and I watched "The Gingerbread Man," "Gingerbread Baby," and "Gingerbread Pirates" and talked about some of their similarities and differences.

Read a gingerbread man book at acted it out a bit with chases through the house.

AWANA day!


We made homemade cookies together- peanut butter snicker ones!  Skimmer thought the mixer was fascinating and loved actually getting to help with the baking.  He pretend cooks all day long (he'll be so excited to get the pretend kitchen for Christmas) but I rarely let them help me cook (the kitchen is my space- you know).

We made Grandpa's "It's not Brain Surgery" peanut butter cookies and used the dough to coat Snickers bars the way great-grandma used to make them.  Unwrapping the candies was good fine motor skills practice for Dragonfly, until she outsmarted me and grabbed some scissors.  Scissors practice counts though too, right?

Tadpole helped too.  I just didn't get any pictures of him since he needs more direct supervision.

When the Snickers bars were gone, I used the rest of the dough to make peanut butter chunk cookies with holiday m&ms and peanuts.  Obviously, we don't have nut problems (wink).

Family Movie Night!  We watched Elf and talked about elf culture and New York City.  For our special movie snack, we had candy corn, candy canes, and cookies.

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