Joy's Journeys (part 1)

Just 1 more Monday until Christmas!

We've had a special visitor at our house this month, Joy, our Kindness Elf.  Just looking at her reminds us to be kind to each other.  The kids have loved seeking out all her new positions every day, and even the grown-ups are having fun with her.  Here's the first round of ideas for her.

Joy's first day in our house.  She perched herself on the top of the homeschool cabinet with her travel case and a note for us.  The note read: "Hi Kids, I'm Joy.  I've come to spend Advent with you.  I want to remind you to do kind things.  What kind things could you do today?"  We used Joy's letter to launch a discussion about kindness and true joy.  We did tell the kids that she isn't real and that she's just a Christmas game.  But, all day, they were asking, "Do you think Joy thought that was kind?"  Joy doesn't do any spying or reporting, but she does serve as a visual reminder to speak and act with kindness.

Dragonfly bought presents for her brothers today.  There was a lot more hugging and kissing, too.

I guess Joy was feeling settled in at our house because she decided to make her bed and sleep through the day.  She moved from the cabinet to the counter.

Joy had some hot cocoa today in a doll-sized china tea cup.

Hanging out on the top of the Christmas tree.  She's giving 2 thumbs up to her fun position today.

Dragonfly was getting concerned the Joy hadn't slept in a few days, so I thought she needed a big cup of coffee.  This is our coffee/cocoa corner.  The kids were jealous of all the marshmallows Joy got so they had to have some as well.

Sort of boring today, but the kids thought it was very funny that she was so high up.  They wanted to know how she got up there.

This bunting hangs above our kitchen table.  The kids thought it was pretty fun to see her climbing.

Joy put up her Christmas Tree!  All day long, Dragonfly kept looking at it and saying how much she liked it.  I think she was trying to puzzle out how it was made, but I wouldn't let her touch it.

Dragonfly asked me for several days to put Joy on the rope that's hanging off of our kitchen cupboards.  She thought it would look like Joy was swinging.

Elf's like cold weather, so I put her in the fridge.  I wonder how long it will take the kids to find her?

So, there's the first 10 of Joy's adventures.  The kids are really loving the game so far.  They have just learned how to play hide and seek and they enjoy looking for her every day.  One of my biggest concerns was that I would need to be untruthful with the kids in order to make the game work.  That hasn't been a problem at all.  I have told the kids that I move the doll around, and they still want to play the game.  I was also worried that the kids would be afraid of her, but they think she looks sweet.


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