u is for umbrella birds (year 3, week 11)

We did a week in South America and learned about the animals of the Amazon Rainforest.  Our "focus" animal was the umbrella bird, a type of parrot that lives in South America (and our "letter U" animal of the year).

Gymnastics class!

We had a big weekend and the kids took a hug name today.  I did too.  It was amazing.

We tasted a finger lime today!  Our local grocery store gave it to us for free when I hold the produce man that I was buying tropical fruits for homeschooling this week.  It was a very interesting food.

AWANA day!

We watched a Rainforest "Relaxation" video from Amazon Prime to learn about different parts of the rainforest.  I really liked that it was just nature scenes and instrumental (spa) music, so I would add my own narration.  We saw hummingbirds that looked very similar to the ones we have here in the mountains.  We watched the rain pound down and roll off the leaves.  We named the colors of the flowers and the frogs.  We talked about the layers of the rainforest.  It was a great way to engage the kids in a different format.

And then, lest you forget what type of mom I am (wink), I let them watch Go, Diego, Go.  We also got our first snow today, so the kids spent some time outside exploring.


The kids got introduced to Dora the Explorer today.  Most annoying show in the entire universe!  The kids have been attempting the Spanish, so I guess that makes it ok.  We had pineapple with dinner tonight.

Dragonfly got to stay up to do math workbook with me, and then did a rainforest animal sensory bin with Safari Toob animals.


Daddy took the day off, so Dragonfly and I went shopping in the bigger town.  We had lots of good conversations.

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