b is for bears

I thought this theme would be easier than Yak, but it really wasn't.  Bummer again.  For pandas, you could focus more on the "bear" side or on the "China" side.

Blog Posts About Bears
bear printables
hibernation printables
Bear Snores On printables
bear outline for paper poking/painting
life-size bear footprints

- Chinese New Year and general China theme
- 3-part cards about China
- panda puzzles
- panda body parts labels

- panda sensory bin
- writing Chinese numbers in red sand
- writing sight words in a zen garden
- measuring yarn noodles
- Chinese New Year sensory bin
- black and white panda sensory bin
- Montessori spindle box with bamboo straws
- panda small world
- tea tasting
- chopstick noodle transfer
- 10-frame math with panda figurines

- painting the continent of Asia yellow (Montessori colors)
fishing like a bear
bear prints
why do bears hibernate? video
bear sensory bin
gummy bear science

- all about pandas for kids
- cute panda compilation


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