m is for manatee (year 3, week 22)

For the next several weeks, we'll be focusing on the ocean and the many type of animals that live there.  This week, we're learning about manatees and other marine mammals.  When I announced the theme to the kids, they immediately started naming some ocean mammals like dolphins and orcas.

Watched Blue World Videos about marine mammals.  We're loving these videos.  They're only like ten minutes long each and keep my kids interest very well.

Caring for Beluga Whales in an Aquarium
Humpback Whales

We also watched Flipper, because that's what the kids wanted.  It doesn't have a lot of educational value, but they still had tons of questions for me.

Pi Day!  See my post about the circle celebration here.

To be totally honest, we watched Flipper again.

We watched some more Blue World videos about dolphins today.

Wild Spotted Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphins

The kids spent a long time pretending to dive and swim with the dolphins like the man in the video.

AWANA day!


We did our school rotation thing again.  This time, the kids have a dolphins and whales sensory bin.  Super easy, but they absolutely cannot get enough water play.  I'm so anxious for summer when I can have water set around outside for them all the time.

Dragonfly got some new erasable colored pencils for doing her math workbook.  She need novelty, so I was hoping the new pencils would bring some excitement into her math again.

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