Happy 3rd Birthday, Blog!

I've now been blogging on this site for three years!  Here are a few blogging stats and a few things I've learned in the last few years.

Blogversery Posts

Monday- Fruits and Veggies 3-Part Cards

Tuesday- Flowers 3-Part Cards

Wednesday- Australia-Themed Movable Alphabet

Thursday- Our 2016-2017 Classroom

Friday- Australia unit


Number of Blog Posts: 483 published; 31 pending

Most Popular Blog Post This Week: Flower 3-Part Cards

Number of Blog Visitors a Month: 7,636 (up from 2,300 last year)

Most Popular Blog Post Last Month: Foster-to-Adopt Party Ideas

Number of Visitors Total: 78,167 (+46,000 from last year)

Most Popular Blog Post of All Time: QR Codes for Read Aloud Books

Number of Free Printables: 186 published; 7 pending (+61 this year)

Lessons from 3 Years of Blogging

1- I'm not a planner.  Or, I should say that I like to plan, but I'm bad at following through.  If you look over the past three years of homeschooling, you can see that I have long periods of time where I don't follow through on my plan or where I decide to break away form my plan and try something new.  For our fourth year of homeschooling, I'm not going to plan anything or possibly only plan a few weeks at a time.  My kids (especially Dragonfly) have so much drive for learning that I feel like between my creativity and their questions, we'll be fine.  I'm excited about where we might end up.

2- How to use InLinkz to organize.  I wrote a blog post about this, which you can read here.  I'm very pleased with the look of the blog right now.

3- How to plug HTML into my blogging script.  Makes me feel very smart and geeky.

Here's to another year!
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