k is for kangaroo (year 3, week 26)

k is for kangaroo homeschool unit from In Our Pond
We're studying the Australia this week!  We identified the big island on the map, learned about the animals, talked about the coral reef, and dreamed about visiting their zoo.

k is for kangaroo homeschool unit from In Our Pond
We tried some Australian foods this week.  We live in a very small town and our international food options are limited; however, I was able to find "Australian style licorice."  We tasted American licorice and then the Australian kind and compared them.  We also made "faerie bread," a birthday party tradition.  It is comprised of white bread, spread with butter, and then coated wall to wall with rainbow sprinkles.

k is for kangaroo homeschool unit from In Our PondThis is also an official #HowiSafari blog post!  Safari Ltd sent us the Land Down Under toob for use in our homeschool.  We used the animals in a sensory bin, learned their names, and sorted them by type (marsupial, reptile, bird, etc).  Many of the Australian animals were previously unknown to my kids (our nearest zoo is eight hours away), so they really enjoyed seeing the little figurines.

k is for kangaroo homeschool unit from In Our PondWe matched the Australian animals to the 3-part cards (free printable).  Dragonfly is getting really fast at matching the figurines.  She practiced reading some of the shorter words and identified some of the letter sounds in the words.  We got out our movable alphabet and matched the beginning letters.  When she gets a bit better at reading, we can use the movable alphabet to spell the animal names.

We watched videos about Australia and introduced the kids to the Crocodile Hunter.  They thought he was ok, but they prefer the Wild Kratts.  Dragonfly has been spouting facts from the Kratt Brothers about the different animals all week.

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