r is for rabbits (year 3, week 25)

r is for rabbit homeschool unit from In Our Pond
Wikimedia Commons
This week, we were supposed to be focused on rabbits and other mammals.  We looked at some books about mammals, but mainly spent the week continuing to learn about chickens.

One of our neighbor's chickens decided to slip through the fence and nest in our yard.  She loved having the kids around and wasn't afraid of them at all.  The kids loved feeding her fresh fruits and veggies and counting her eggs.  We loved having a pet chicken in our yard, all the fun and none of the work.

I had intended to make a sensory bin with the Bunnies and Piglets toob (bonus- they fit inside Easter eggs), but it didn't happen this week.  The weather has been getting nicer, and the kids are outside a lot more.

r is for rabbit homeschool unit from In Our Pond
Wikimedia Commons
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