Animals With Mistaken Identity Printables

FREE Mistaken Identity Animal Printables from In Our Pond
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I seem to be making a lot of matching games lately.  I think my kids are just in that stage.  These cards have animals that are easily mistaken for each other.  The matching game can either be played with one set of cards where players match look-alike animals.  It could also be played with two sets of cards to match each specific animal.  Animal names are included on the cards to make matching and identifying the animals easier.

Free Download-
Mistaken Identity Matching Game

FREE Mistaken Identity Animal Printables from In Our Pond

I also made my first ever set of Montessori-inspired 3-part cards that wasn't based on a Safari toob.  You can use these for spelling, reading practice, grammar, and matching.

Free Download-
Mistaken Identity 3-part Cards

FREE Mistaken Identity Animal Printables

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