Honey Bee Life Cycle 3-Part Cards

FREE Bee Life Cycle Card with Real Images
FREE Bee Life Cycle Card with Real Images

There are many, many bee life cycle cards on the internet, but I never ran across one that used real pictures.  When I came across these amazing pictures on Commons Wikimedia, I knew I had to add a set of life cycle 3-part cards to my bee week printables.

These life cycle cards pair perfectly with the Safari Ltd Bee Set.  We have loved the set for a few years, but the figurines took on new meaning this year when we added these cards.  I also highly recommend this honey bee life cycle specimen block, which shows every stage and several other pieces.  Both sets showcase the bee's life in a way that children can see and understand.

Books About Bees:

FREE Bee Life Cycle Card with Real Images from In Our Pond

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Random Honey Bee Fact:
Bees gather nectar from flowers and bring it back to the hive.  There, other bees fan the nectar with their wings and dehydrate it.  Dehydrated nectar called honey, is antibacterial and can be stored for years.

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