w is for worms (year 3, week 28)

w is for worms homeschool units from In Our Pond
We're celebrate our spring weather with a very kid-friendly unit on worms.  All week, the kids have been digging for worms.  Dragonfly even ran into a "nest" full of baby worms.  We've read books and watched a couple videos about them.  We used our Worm Life Cycle set to do a sensory bin.  Skimmer thought it was the best thing in the world!

This was our #HowiSafari promotional week, and we used the Safari Worm set to learn a worm's life.  Here's Skimmer explaining the different stages:

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w is for worms homeschool units from In Our PondPrintables
- worm life cycle
- parts of a worm 3-part cards
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- worm jar
- clean mud sensory bin
- digging for (fake) worm sensory bin
- dirt paint
- worm science experiments

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