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24 Fire-Free Camping Meals

I've been enjoying Travel Time Tuesday so much and have been posting so much content (twice a week lately) that I decided to move all of it to it's own blog.  The Camping Meals blog post is now at my new site- Party Through the USA.
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Science Toys that Spark Curiosity


I've spoken on here often about how my kids love Science!  They ask a lot of questions, make observations, connect information, and always want to learn something new.

Fortunately, we live in an amazing time, where kids have access to so many cool Science Toys that spark their curiosity and ignite their imaginations.

Check out this list of 15 wonder-inspiring toys and don't forget to enter my first ever Giveaway at the end of the post!

Geosafari Jr My First Microscope

I'm wrote a review of this microscope recently with free printables for preschoolers/kindergartners.  This is a great toy for budding scientists and would pair very nicely with a lab coat and tool set for pretend play.  How cute would it be to have a mini lab in your house?

4D Vision Frog Model

It's no secret that we love frogs at our house.  We've even build a whole Science Center around them.  My kids would love to own this frog model, and I think it would look great on our shelf.

Magnetic Thinking …

10 Kids' Youtube Videos for the Solar Eclipse

It's finally here!  The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse is nigh!

In an effort to explain this astronomical phenomenon to my kids, I've found 10 Youtube videos that explain different aspects of the event.

Also, be sure to check out my post from earlier this month about planning an eclipse party.  It's not too late to stock up on moon pies and astronaut ice cream!

The Solar Eclipse Song

The Solar Eclipse

Who Turned Out the Lights?

Total Solar Eclipse Song

Solar Eclipse Rap (Don't Look at the Sun)

Total Solar Eclipse Explained

Understanding a Solar Eclipse

Difference Between Solar and Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses for Kids

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Eclipses

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Microscope Matching Pictures (free printable)

Since finishing our Science Center recently, I've been looking for things to add to it to make it even more engaging.  Every Scientist need a microscope, so I bought the My First Microscope by Geosafari for the kids.  This durable plastic toy has a very low magnification, but allows kids to see the world like a real scientist- through the lens of a microscope!  Pair with a lab coat to complete the effect.

Since we have a microscope, we needed something to use with it.  I created these printables a pretend slides for observation.  Kids can look at the smaller pictures under the microscope, and then match them to the larger pictures.

I first made the Autumn pictures, in sort of a back to school theme.  Apples.  Pumpkins.  Leaves.  They should be easy to match for a preschooler.  In fact, they could probably be matched with the naked eye.

I got pretty fascinated looking at microscopic images and geometric patterns on Google, so I decided to do a set of cards based on geometry in nat…

Place Value Flip Book (printable)


I haven't done a true Homemade Homeschool post in a long time.  A few weeks ago, I was thinking about how I could use my binding machine and came up with the idea of these flip books.

I made the "money" one first (hundred thousand to hundredths), because I was thinking early elementary.

Then, I made the decimal place one to help students with numbers smaller than one (hundreds to ten thousandths).

After I made these larger ones, I realized that my kids weren't ready for either of them and would do better with a smaller flipbook only covering ones, tens, and hundreds.  The smaller book matches our place value set that I made last summer.

Each of the books has been printed, laminated, and bound!  They should last us for many years.  And the
kids are absolutely fascinated with them.

I'm planning some CVC flip books soon!

Click on the titles below to download the files.

Place Value Flipper- Color

Place Value Flipper- Printer Friendly

Decimals Flip Book- Color


10 Must Own CDs for Kids

We love listening to music as a family.  It's on almost every time we get in the car and several times thoughout the day in the house.  In both the house and the car, we use bluetooth transmitted from phones.  With the Amazon Music Unlimited, we have an amazing variety of songs at our fingertips.  It's also allowed us to explore new music without commiting to buying the CDs.  These are our current favorites.

Songs for Saplings
I've written about Songs for Saplings before in my Christian Doctrine for Preschoolers post.  We continue to enjoy these great songs, full of orthodox Christian doctrine and Bible verses.

Peanut Butter Pirates
This is our go-to road trip CD.  When we went on our 11-day road trip last year, we used this album to create stability and a sense of home wherever we roamed.  The children would be anxious, grumpy, would up, and tearful, and this CD would instantly calm them.  It was magic.  Every time we played it, at least one person would fall asleep.  We s…