10 Reformation Day Videos for Kids

Happy Reformation Day!  On this date five hundred years ago, a monk named, Martin Luther, nailed his list of complaints to the door of the church.  Although the Protestant Reformation began before 1517, the event at the church is seen as the definitive moment and official start of the Reformation.  Today is a perfect time to teach your kids about Church history.  Here are 10 videos to get you started.

This is a Playmobil stop-motion video that is very well done.  The kids were completely engrossed and keep asking to watch it again.  I'd say that's a win.

The audio on this song is a bit weird, but the tune is catchy and has a good message.  I like the way they did the pictures and animation.

I really enjoy Crash Course history, but they are more acceptable for older kids and adults then children.  It's a bit sarcastic and rough, and focuses on the political significance as well as the religious.  Surprisingly, it has a good description of salvation, though.

What if the Lego "Everything is Awesome" was Reformed?  TULIP.  Catechism.  Reformers.  Presbytery.  "Everything is cool when you're a Calvinist kid!"

A mom and son made this video together.  It's very cute and has a lot of Scriptures in it.  Plus, it's Legos, and who doesn't like Legos?

This video is also good for older children, but it's not as crude as Crash Course History.

If you show this to your kids, be sure to also read the Bible passage (Psalm 91) on which the video was based.  It makes some statements that make it sound like Christians never get sick, never die, and never sin.  I debated with myself whether or not to include it on the list, but I decided to put it in here because of its scripture context.

The hymn "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" is thought my many to be the theme song of the Reformation.  This video is a choral arrangement with the lyrics overlaid on the castle picture.  It would be a great introduction for kids who aren't familiar with hymns.

This is a CGI video about the life of Martin Luther.

This is a fun video with a Reformation Polka.  It's quite a catchy tune.  Plus, it uses the word "transubstantiation" so that give you lots of good stuff to talk about with your kids.

Bonus- the Martin Luther rap!

Reformation Day Videos for Kids  #reform500 #gracealone  #martinluther #homeschooling #protestant #history

I hope you have a great Reformation Day!  Raise a glass and eat your potato pancakes!  Check out the post below for 50 more ways to celebrate!

Reformation Day Videos for Kids  #reform500 #gracealone  #martinluther #homeschooling #protestant #history


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