M is for Moon (year 4, week 3)

All of my time and energy is going into my blog, just not in a way that you can see right now.  I'm working tirelessly on a 30 day blog series, called "All Wrapped Up," which will run the entire month of November.  I haven't been doing neat homeschool themes as usual, making new printables, or publishing new content.  Sorry about how boring the blog is these days.  Hopefully, it will be all worth it on November first.

m is for moon homeschool unit from In Our Pond

This week, we had a birthday, Dragonfly lost a tooth, and there was a full moon.  We worked on our handwriting, math, and reading.  We played outside in the fall air.

m is for moon homeschool unit from In Our Pond

We studied the moon for the first time ever in Mommy School. The kids have been running around the kitchen island singing, "The moon goes 'round the Earth. The moon goes 'round the Earth. Once a month, every month. The moon goes 'round the Earth." Today, we painted full moons with a stencil.  I downloaded a moon app to help remind me of the moon's cycle, and we plan on tracking the progress of the moon together.

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