Countdown to Christmas with Nativity Stories

Today's post is all about Nativity books that can be used for a countdown.  When I was child, we had a book called "A Story a Night 'Til Christmas."  It was a great concept, but not a very good book.  Instead, I recommend mixing and matching your favorite books from this list and others like it. Start a sweet and wonderful tradition with your family this year.

God Gave Us Christmas is a sweet question and answer session between a parent and child about why we have Christmas.

The Nativity looks at the events of Christmas through Mary's eyes.

Itsy and Bitsy are two little mice whom no one ever notices because they're too small and insignificant. When they hear that a King in coming to Bethlehem, they run to find him. This charming story reminds children that no one is too small for God to notice.

Humphrey the Camel was part of the caravan bringing the wise men to see Jesus. This sweet story of giving will encourage generosity in the holiday season.

The Silent Noisy Night explores how noisy the manger scene would have been on the night Jesus was born, with all the cows lowing and the sheep baaing.

Joshua the Lamb is a crippled animal, who can never keep up with his friends. He didn't have a place to belong until he met the Good Shepherd.

The Shepherd Girl of Bethlehem is about a young child who spends time in the fields with her dad. When he goes missing one day, she goes on an adventure to find him.

Follow the Christmas Star as it guides shepherds, kinds, and animals to the manger.

The Spider doesn't have a gift to give the newborn King, but all the other insects do.

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Hallelujah uses colorblock images to tell the story of the first Christmas.

The Night Before Christmas in Bethlehem follows the same styles as the original poem to bring the Nativity story to live in a new way.

The stable was so full, but there was still Room for a Little One.

The Song of the Stars tells how all of creation anticipated the coming of its King.

A mouse is looking for a place to live, and he finds Mortimer's Christmas Manger.

The Snow Angels Christmas is the story of snowman angels and how they helped out the holy family.

The Newborn Child is the nativity seen through the eyes of Mary and focuses on motherhood.

Drummer Boy is the fleshed out story inspired by the classic song.

Goodnight, Manger is a gentle, calming tale of tucking baby Jesus in at night.

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B is for Bethlehem rhymes its way through the alphabet to tell the Nativity story.

Tiny Baby Jesus explores the human Jesus from head to toe, comparing His newborn self with his mission as a man.

Jacob is a stowaway with the caravan heading to see the newborn baby Jesus, making him The Littlest Magi

The Legend of the Candy Cane explains why the candy can has its stripes through a sweet story.

The Littlest Angel is an insignificant angel stuck up in heaven while the Nativity happens below.

The Gift of the Christmas Cookie tells the meaning of Christmas through the making and giving of cookies.

Each of The Three Trees has a special place in Jesus' life.

The Jesus Storybook Bible is a great collection for Advent since you can read a story a night from Creation to the Nativity.

Everyone has a box of special things, but Mary's Treasure Box holds memories of the first Christmas.

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