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Today is National Adoption Day!  Even though I already have the "All Wrapped Up" gift guide series every day this month, I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to do an adoption post too!


  This was the first adoption book that we bought.  It has the great line in it- "You're my wish come true."  The story is very detailed and a bit long for younger kids.  It also assumes interracial adoption, which doesn't fit our situation.  I recommend this book for ages 5 and up.

This is our favorite adoption book.  The story revolves around an infertile bear couple and their three adopted cubs.  Although each of the bears are different types, the emphasis is not placed on their appearance, but instead on their personalities.  The panda bear only eats bamboo.  The brown bear likes to take long naps.  And the polar bear is best at hiding.  Through each of their differences, the parents keep repeating, "I love you all the same."  It's very heartwarming and sweet.

"Tell Me Again" centers around the story of domestic infant adoption.  I haven't actually read this book, but the reviews on Amazon are mixed.  It seems like a good book to gift a couple who is in the process of being matched with a birthmother for an newborn adoption.

I really don't like the title of the book, but I like that it celebrates adoption.  Once again, it assumes a domestic infant adoption and is not applicable to older child situations.  This would make a great baby shower gift for a family in the process of adopting a baby.

Another infant adoption book.  I love the title and the pride the boy on the cover seems to be feeling about his adoption.  The reviews for this book mention that there are extra pages in the back that could be used as a scrapbook or memory book with the signatures of everyone involved in the adoption.

This is a classic adoption book, and one of the few that can be used in a foster care situation.  I love how it is very child-centered and has the child looking for the parent instead of the parent seeking out a baby.  Choco goes all over looking for a perfect fit.  In the end, he finds a mama bear with other adopted children from a mix of "backgrounds."  I honestly wish that there were more books like this in the market.


Russell Moore is a pastor and his book highlights the Christian theology of adoption as well as offering some helpful advice about adoption.  His children were adopted internationally, so not everything in the book is going to be applicable to every situation.  I recommend this book for all adoptive parents, pastors, and Christians affected by adoption (which should be all of them).

This book celebrates adoption by encouraging healthy relationships between the adoptee and adoptive parents.  Attachment is so vital to the health, well-being, and sanity of the adoptive family, and this book is full of ideas and encouragement toward that goal.  It can be a bit clinical at times, but it's still a worthwhile read.  Anyone who has adopted or is thinking about adoption needs to study up on attachment theory.

Most of the books I've featured today have been focused on the adoptive family.  This book is written for family and friends to tell them all the ins and outs of adoption and what the adoptive family needs from them.  I have not read this book, but it was highly recommended in my adoption facebook group.

I wanted to include at least one foster parenting specific book.  We read this book before taking in our first placement, and it was very helpful.  It talks about how to navigate the system, how to deal with social workers, and what everyone's roles will be.  Most of the topics covered in this book were not talked about in our training classes, making this book vital to foster parents' mental health.

This book isn't about adoption at all, but is instead a toddler's perspective on parenting issues and popular methods.  It's humorous and not meant to be taken seriously at all.  But, after a rough day of parenting your adopted child, it's nice to lock yourself in the bathroom and read something light and funny.  I also recommend "Parenting: Illustrated With Crappy Pictures."

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