Play Food from Etsy (a gift guide)

Yesterday's post "40 Homemade Play Food Ideas" was so much fun that I knew I needed to do another one.  Today, I searched all over Etsy to bring you my favorite play food patterns and products.  Just a reminder, order your Etsy products early so sellers have enough time to make and ship them before the holidays.  This list is just a taste of the thousands of products on Etsy.  Enjoy!

Play Food Products from Etsy- a gift guide from In Our Pond
1- Crochet Raspberries Pattern
This fast project would be fun for a summer gift or a berry pie kit.

2- Felt Ice Cream Set
Few people dislike ice cream and pretending to eat it is so fun!  Gift with a bag of pretend money and the child will be all set to open a shop.

3- Crochet Pie Pattern
This pie is so cute!  I really like the little basket and strawberries.

4- Felt BBQ Set
I guess I was thinking summer when I put together these pictures.  This BBQ set would be great for kids that love to camp, too.

5- Crochet Bell Peppers
These bell peppers would be amazing in a pretend Farmers' Market or play kitchen.

Play Food Products from Etsy- a gift guide from In Our Pond

6- Felt Fruit Salad
I love the detail on these fruit pieces.  Very inspiring for my own felt food obsession.

7- Crochet Tea Time
Soft and squishy, this tea set won't leave a bed sore if your child falls asleep on it or stub your toe if you run into in the dark.

8- Felt Juice Carton Pattern
This clever pattern uses a recycled juice container to make a fun item for the play kitchen.

9- Crochet Mexican Food
For some reason, I really love the dips in this set.  It would be so fun to set up a pretend restaurant with this set or to use it to stock a play kitchen.

10- Felt Baker Set
I've had my eye on this set for years.  The measuring cup is my favorite with all the hand-stitched markings.

Play Food Products from Etsy- a gift guide from In Our Pond

11- Crochet Macaroons Pattern
I really love the two tones of these macaroons.  I'm also in awe of how smooth they are.

12- Felt Baked Sweets Pattern
These items look almost good enough to eat.  I love the flower cookie the best.

13- Crochet Pumpkin Pattern
I'm still a beginner crocheter, so I'm amazed by all the things people can do with crochet.  Even these simple pumpkins are beyond my skill level.

14- Felt Cocoa Set Pattern
How cute would it be if Santa exchanged the real milk and cookies for this felt set on Christmas morning?

15- Felt Pizza Pattern
I love the big pile of toppings in this set.  I also really like the pizza tray, even though I know if would be simple to make.

Play Food Products from Etsy- a gift guide from In Our Pond

16- Felt Cantaloupe
The detail on these is really nice and it looks like you could pluck them up and suck the juice from them.  Yum!

17- Felt Bagel
I wish my felt work looked as smooth as this bagel top.  So cool!

18- Felt Sushi
Your child can serve sushi at his/her Asian-inspired restaurant or pretend party.  Yay!

19- Felt Pea Pods
How many peas in a pod?  Find out with this adorable felt veggie set.

20- Pepperoni Pizza with Box
I know I already featured a pizza in this post, but it was a pattern and this is a ready-made product.  Take-out, complete with the box.

Play Food Products from Etsy- a gift guide from In Our Pond

21- Felt Bananas
Bunches of fun for your play kitchen.

22- Felt Pita Sandwich
This sandwich would be great for a pretend diner, sack lunch, or play kitchen.

23- Felt Turkey/Chicken
I'm in awe of the coloring on this poultry with the light brown and toasted spots.  So neat.

24- Felt Oranges
These oranges make me happy.

25- Felt Flour and Sugar
The embroidery on this set tips the cuteness over the edge.  Every pretend bakery needs a set.

Play Food Products from Etsy- a gift guide from In Our Pond

26- Felt Snowman Cookies
I really like felt cookies and snowmen.  This is the perfect combination is these cookies!

27- Felt Grilled Cheese
The artistry in these cookies is amazing!  I love the texture, the shading, and the realism.

28- Felt Pancakes
Now your child can bring you breakfast in bed with this adorable play set.

29- Felt Drumstick Ice Cream
You can never go wrong with more ice cream.  This one would be great for stocking an ice cream cart.

30- Felt Artisan Breads
I'm jealous of this beautiful bread.  It would be perfect for a bakery or French bistro.

Etsy has some of the best handmade products in the world.  Pop on there today and check it out for yourself!  And click on the picture to access the complete list of "All Wrapped Up" blog posts.


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