Quick and Easy Food Gifts with Printables (a gift guide roundup)

Christmas season is SO busy!  Not only are our calendars packed, but the chances of getting a gift giving opportunity sprung upon you is common.  These mason jar mixes are great to keep in your pantry to grab out as needed.  Be sure to grab the free printable tags as well.

A cute printable poem ties the M on the candies to the Christmas Story.

Paint some holiday kisses and bundle them up into a sweet gift.

Everyone loves a box of doughnuts.  Perfect for a family.

It doesn't get much easier than buying a bag of mix and adding a tag.
Or make your own specialty mix from all the options in the world.

Mint M&Ms take a pretty variety of greens for an elf colored treat.

Give the gift of a night in with this movie and snack gift bags.

A classic treat that kids' love.

Go gourmet with this easy gift for bakers.  Yum!

If you want to go health-conscientious this holiday, gift a bag of oranges!  With this Free Printable, you'll have an easy gift for coworkers, a classroom, or anyone.  As a bonus, all the extra vitamin C will help them stay healthy for all those parties and events.

Or save even more time and order from Amazon!

Mix up your own cocoa mix with different add ins for each recipient.

Everything you need to mix up a batch of cookies all in a mason jar.

Send silver bell kisses and a whisk to all your friends so they can make gravy.

Grab a bottle of soda and put on a tag.  Easy as pie.

A special sort of person deserves nachos for Christmas.

Give the gift of vitamin C with a Psych-style pineapple.

For a sweet treat that someone else bakes, buy a tube of cinnamon rolls.

A great excuse to buy all the fun paper dishes.  Gift a quick clean up.

I discovered this cake idea on Pinterest several years ago.  I never found a Free Printable tag for it, so I made one.  To make the 3-2-1 Cake mix, take one box of regular cake mix (spice, chocolate, vanilla, party, etc) and one box of angel food cake and dump them in a large bowl together.  Stir them up and then place the mixture in a big ziplock bag or air-proof container.  Gifts with a fun mug and a 1 tablespoon measure.  The recipient can then follow the directions to make a microwave cake any time they want a sweet treat.  Perfect for college kids, travelers, and more.

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