Miniature Paint and Glue Bottles

Free Printable for Miniature Paint and Glue Bottles from In Our Pond  #crafting  #elfontheshelf  #barbie  #miniatures  #papercrafts  #printable  #scrapbook

Dragonfly and I have been watching so many crafting videos lately.  We love seeing what other people have done and then making our own.  The inspiration for this craft came from Rainbow Tinkle's World.  She posted the video, which you can see below.  I completed her craft, and then decided to make my own version with more paint colors and a different label.  Since these bottles will be for my elf on the shelf house, I wanted to have an "elf" brand logo on them.  I have also included a plain version that simply says "craft paint."  There are also a few different glue bottle options (which I hope to showcase in a video soon).  Make as many as you want to stock a craft room, a store, or a toy-making scene.

And here's my video.  Follow me on Facebook for more crafting videos!

To download the paint bottles, click on the picture.
Free Printable for Miniature Paint and Glue Bottles from In Our Pond  #crafting  #elfontheshelf  #barbie  #miniatures  #papercrafts  #printable  #scrapbook


  1. Wow cool

    Ok I want to read more to see this elf house

    We are pretty into out elf

    I can see me doing this !!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I have just started on my Elf house, but I will be posting a lot more about it in the next few months. Come back often or follow me on facebook or instagram to be the first to see the next crafts. Thank you for your comment!


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