Safari Toob Organization (free printable)

Safari Ltd Toob Organization with Free Printable from In Our Pond  #safariltd  #howisafari  #organization  #homeschooling  #montessori

I don't know how many times I've written about our love of Safari Toobs.  They're one of my most common printables and our favorite thing to use for homeschooling.  The little figurines come in a one-inch by one-inch by twelve-inch "toobs" which look really neat on the store shelf, but aren't very convenient for storage.  My solution is to put all our toobs in recycled Crystal Lite Containers, which are wide, sturdy, and have a snap-down lid.  The containers are easy for the kids to open and for them to refill at the end of school time.  For many years, I labeled them with a permanent marker, but I decided to make them some uniform labels for the new year.  I even included the piece count of each toob.

The new year means new attempts at organizing.  So search e-bay, raid your cupboards, and beg from friends to build up your stash.  Then, get organizing!  I laminated mine to make them more durable and attached them with a loop of tape.  Click on the titles to download the set of labels you want.

Blank Crystal Light Labels

Chalkboard Labels

Black-and-White Labels

Here's all our Safari Toobs with their new labels.  We keep them in a Sterilite container.  They could also be put on a shelf or in a custom mailbox-style shelf.

Safari Ltd Toob Organization with Free Printable from In Our Pond  #safariltd  #howisafari  #organization  #homeschooling  #montessori

Dinosaur Skulls  <>  Zoo Babies  <>  Marine Mammals  <>  Arctic  <>  Bugs  <>  Penguins  <>  Wild  <>  Carnivorous Dinosaurs  <>  Backyard Birds  <>  River  <>  Sharks  <>  Horses  <>  Desert  <>  Monkeys and Apes  <>  Rainforest  <>  Dinosaur Babies  <>  Powhatan Indians  <>  Space  <>  Australia  <>  North America

Safari Ltd Toob Organization with Free Printable from In Our Pond  #safariltd  #howisafari  #organization  #homeschooling  #montessori

The most common way we use Safari Ltd toobs is with my homemade 3-part cards.  They can be used for simple matching activities when kids are younger to help them learn the names of different animals.  The figurines can also be counted and used in addition and subtraction problems.  As children get older, the cards can encourage spelling practice, launch storytelling, and teach reading.  The animals can also be placed on a world map to learn geography or sorted by type as part of a science lesson.

I had already created the cards for the Endangered Land Animals toob earlier this year.  When Safari Ltd contacted me about their #HowiSafari campaign, I thought this would be a great opportunity to revisit the printable.  The company sent me the tube of animals in exchanged for being mentioned in a blog post (see my disclosure statement for more information).

I've made 3-part cards for most of the Safari Toobs.  You can access all of them by clicking on the pictures below.

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Safari Ltd Toob Organization with Free Printable from In Our Pond  #safariltd  #howisafari  #organization  #homeschooling  #montessori


  1. Do you still have printables available? I click on the link and it says unavilable

  2. I update the links, so hopefully they'll work for you now. If you're still having trouble, please contact me through email or on Facebook.


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