How to Make a Sensory Donut Stacker for Babies

How to Make a Sensory Donut Stacker for Babies from In Our Pond #sewing #crafting #diy #diytoys #babies #babytoys #crafts #sensory

I love making toys for kids, so when I heard that my niece was having a donut-themed 1st birthday party, I knew I had to make a themed gift.  After talking with another sister, I decided to make each of the donuts have a different texture.  My kids were excited about their cousin using the donuts for play kitchen.

With my general idea in mind, I set out to start creating the pattern on my digital scrapbook program.  After printing out the donut shapes, I cut them out and taped them to my fabric.  For the terrycloth (bottom), I used duct tape to secure the pattern for cutting.  For everything else, I used office tape.

How to Make a Sensory Donut Stacker for Babies from In Our Pond #sewing #crafting #diy #diytoys #babies #babytoys #crafts #sensory

printed pattern
fabric in many textures
sewing machine
duct tape
office tape
straight pins
sewing machine
hand-sewing needle
brown thread

First, I cut one circle out of the brown fabric.  Then, I taped the pattern to the colored or pattern "frosting" fabric and cut either a random squiggle shape (like on the bottom donut) or another circle (like on the second donut from the bottom).

If I had a squiggle shape, then I used my sewing machine to attach the frosting to the brown circle using a straight stitch, applique style.  Then, I laid the frosted donut, wrong side up, onto a square of brown fabric.  Pin the two pieces together and sew around the outside edge with the sewing machine.  Cut off the excess fabric around the donut and pin the center section together to help you cut out the middle.  You should now have a donut shape.

If you cut out a frosting shape that was circular, place the brown piece and the colored piece good sides together.  Pin pieces and sew along the outside edge.

At this point, both styles of donut should look the same- wrong sides out with stitching just around their outside edge.  Turn the piece inside out through the center hole so that right sides are now facing out.  Move to a comfortable place for hand-sewing.

Using a ladder stitch, sew up the middle of the donut, stopping to stuff it periodically.  I chose to stuff the rings pretty tightly.  You may need a pencil or dowel rod to help you get the stuffing even and smooth, especially on the smaller rings.

My kids enjoyed the store-bought stacker rings when they were babies, but they got so frustrated that the rings were only designed to be stacked one way.  For that reason, I chose to make the center part of my donuts the same size.  They can be stacked in any order.  At first, the baby can feel accomplished for just getting the rings onto the peg.  As s/he gets older, s/he can work on putting the rings in size order.

The center pole for my stacker is a paper towel holder.  I like how it's sturdy and heavy, which should also help to minimize frustration in little ones.  Of course, one could also craft it if one desires.

I chose my fabrics to be different textures and to give a lot of fun sensory feedback.  My own kids couldn't stop touching them!  I used terrycloth, cotton quilt fabric, felt, plastic-leather, polyester, and fleece.  It was so fun to pick out pick out fabrics.

I hope you found today's craft inspirational!

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How to Make a Sensory Donut Stacker for Babies from In Our Pond #sewing #crafting #diy #diytoys #babies #babytoys #crafts #sensory



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