Dusty Crophopper Slime

Disney-Inspired Dusty Crophopper Slime from In Our Pond

Our Tinkerbell fairy slime recipe was a bit feminine, so I wanted to make one that was geared more toward the boys.  Skimmer and Tadpole pretend they are airplanes all the time, running around and sweeping their arms like propellers.  They love the Planes movies, so I knew they would enjoy a planes-themed slime.  When I found the orange glitter glue and confetti pack, the slime was inevitable.

The awesome thing about slime is that you don't need a recipe to make it. You can just start adding ingredients and see what happens.  It's science!  Dusty slime has liquid glue, contact eye solution, baking soda, and glitter.  But, if you want an official recipe, slime books can be found on Amazon.

I have each of the kids a 2oz plastic container and a craft stick.  Then, I added about 1oz of glitter glue.  We added the baking soda and contact solution and mixed like normal.  Everyone was very excited to add the Planes confetti.  The boys especially loved the little Plane's characters cardboard cutouts.  They enjoyed matching them, flying them around the room, and trading them.

Elmer's Glue has just released a bunch of new glitter glue colors, so I'm sure we'll be doing many more Disney slimes in the future.  And come back later this month for Slimed- Recipes from the Experts!

Slimed- Recipes from the Experts from In Our Pond
Coming Soon!

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Disney-Inspired Dusty Crophopper Slime from In Our Pond


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