Galaxy Battle Math- Duel Forces Counters

This Friday is May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day!  I have one child who thinks he's Darth Vader, and another who wants to take the Millennium Falcon to grandma's house.  We love the Star Wars movies, but we really like the merchandise, concepts, and spin-off movies (like Lego).  We really, really like lightsabers.

Every day this week, I'm going to be posting a Star Wars themed post, counting down to the big party day.  Today, I'm giving you a free printable for preschool/kindergarten math.

Galaxy Battle Math- Duel Forces Counters from In Our Pond #homeschooling #math #kindergarten #starwars #kindergartenmath #education #freeprintables

My boys are working on their number identification and values for 0-10, so I made this Star Wars math board for them.  At it's simplest form, the math board helps kids learn numbers by presenting the 5 or 10 frames and showing kids how those numbers fill out the frame.  For example, "number 1" would have one counter, "number 2" would have two counters, and "number 10" would fill out the frame.  I have included number cards so that kids can practice labeling the quantities and filling out the frames.

When kids have mastered counting and number quantities, they're ready for basic addition and subtraction.  I made a "sunny side" and a "night side" set of counters so you can use them to show addition and subtraction sentences.  For example, you could use 4 "night side" counters and 3 "sunny side" counters to show a sum of 7.  The printable has lots of counters, so kids can work out sums higher than 10.

Galaxy Battle Math- Duel Forces Counters from In Our Pond #homeschooling #math #kindergarten #starwars #kindergartenmath #education #freeprintables

For my boys, I mounted five 5-frames on a bulletin board I had laying around.  To the number cards, I added sandpaper numbers from Etsy.  The sandpaper helps the boys feel where the number is on the card and makes it easier to trace.

I laminated the counters and hot glued them onto wood disks.  Twenty of one type of counter can fit in an altoid tin and the printable comes with a label for the tins.  On the 5-frames and the counters, I added velcro to keep the counters from slipping around.  It helps the boys to see how many counters belong to each number as well.

As always, the printable is free for personal uses.  Come back every day this week for more Star Wars excitement!

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Galaxy Battle Math- Duel Forces Counters from In Our Pond #homeschooling #math #kindergarten #starwars #kindergartenmath #education #freeprintables

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