Donuts Fun for Everyone!

Tomorrow is National Donut Day!  Every June 1st, we stop to acknowledge our favorite fried dessert.  I've partnered with the Kid Blogger Network again to bring you 30 amazing donut ideas for everyone!  There's lots of recipes, crafts, free printables, play ideas, and more!  Enjoy!

Polymer Clay Jewelry // Artsy Fartsy Mama
This super cute jewelry would be a good party craft.

If you give a Dog a Donut book and snack idea with a free printable.  Check out her math 10-frame below, too.

Printable math game for counting and subtraction fun.  Print the game pieces and then roll a dice to give away your donuts.  The most generous person wins.

This donut craft is so easy for a family or a classroom.  You can make them as simple or elaborate as you want.

Practice counting and have fun with play dough with this printable mats.

These caramel donuts look amazing!  So yummy for fall.  Or any time.

Christmas-themed printable donuts for counting practice and to help build number sense.

If you're felt pretend donuts seem a bit tame, you can make them more interesting by crafting some monsters.  Bring on the google eyes.

These math 10-frames are a great resource for kids learning number sense and basic counting.  The donuts make is so fun.

Printable birthday tag for all your party and gifting needs.

These donuts look so yummy and I love pumpkin.

This grid can be used to help kids understand how multiplication works and to find the solution.

These donuts are low-carb, vegan, and all the other good things you might like.

I think these donuts would be great at a unicorn party or St. Patrick's Day celebration.  The most time-consuming part is probably sorting the cereal by color.

These sour cream donuts look lovely. too.  They look a bit like a cake donut.

These donuts are also gluten-free.  Perhaps the sweet potato makes these into a healthy food?

If store-bought donuts are more your thing, these spider decorated donuts are perfect for you.  Great for a class party treat.

This grilled cheese recipe uses a store-bought donut as the bread.  Alternatively, you could use a bagel or bagel-thin for a more normal "themed" sandwich.

I made this donut stacker for my niece.  Each of the layers have a different type of fabric and texture.

If you like the idea of donuts, but don't feel like eating an actual donut, these sugar cookies are a great substitute.

This is a cute donut craft for moms and kids.

I love pumpkin (I think I already said that).  These donuts look so yummy!

These felt donuts look easy to make and those strawberries are the best!

Doggies like donuts too!  These homemade cookies have all of your dog's favorite treats.

This blogger is a specialist at making adorable corner bookmarks.  These donuts would make a great classmate gift for Valentine's Day or National Donut Day.

This printable game fits in an altoid tin so it would be great for traveling.  Suitable for ages 3 and up.

My daughter loves breaking these secret codes from this blogger.  And I like that it tricks her into using her reading skills and to practice letter writing.

If felt donuts look a bit too complicated, these sock donuts are perfect.  You can make up a couple dozen and give them out to your friends.

I haven't read the book that this costume is based on, but it looks like a lot of fun.

A coffee themed sensory bin and some donut play dough make an afternoon of donut shop fun.

All these donut posts have given me so many ideas for tomorrow.  I can't wait!

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