Felt Monster Donuts (free pattern)

It's donut week!  We're counting down to National Donut Day with donut-themed fun all week.  Today, I thought I'd share a super easy, fun felt pattern.  These monster donuts would be a great pincushion for a sewer or a a toy for the play kitchen.

Cut out the donut pattern from the printed copy and tape to your felt.  I like to use either packaging tape or wrapping (desk) tape to secure the pattern onto the felt or fabric.  Cut out carefully, outside first and then the inside.

If you're going to hand sew, cut out a second piece of felt using the pattern.  If you have access to a sewing machine, lay your cut out felt donut onto another piece of felt and pin it down.  Machine sew around the outside of the donut, securing the ends well.  Cut out the second layer of felt using the pattern-cut one as a guide.

For both versions (hand sewn and machine sewn), cut out the middle of both donuts, and turn inside out through the middle.  Hand sew around the middle using a ladder stitch, stopping every few stitches to stuff it with toy stuffing.  I fill my donut pretty firmly, but you can make them softer if you want.

I cut a scrap of felt to be the teeth of the monster cookie and hot glued it onto the donut.  The google eyes are also hot glued on.  If you're making these donuts for toddlers, it's not a good idea to use the google eyes, as they could be choking hazards.  However, older kids might really enjoy the fun, wiggly eyes- my kids did!

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