Montessori-Inspired Sea Turtle Life Cycle 3-Part Cards

Kids are fascinated by life cycles.  Whether it's mosquitoes or chickens or bees, children love to see how animals are different from us and unique from each other.  Safari Ltd has wonderful plastic life cycle sets for a large variety of zoological creatures, which are great for homeschooling.

The sets allow children to see and feel animal life cycles that they wouldn't normally be able to touch.  My kids love using them in sensory bins.  The pieces clean up well after play time is done, and can be used over and over.

I have several Montessori-inspired 3-part cards, including a couple life cycle ones.  This free sea turtle printable matches the Safari life cycle pieces and can be used in a traditional 3-part way to encourage reading and comprehension.  Children can also use the cards as a vocabulary bank for creative writing or simple science reports.

The Sea Turtle life cycle cards would be a great addition to a study of the ocean or coral reefs.  Add some counting cards like the ones from Living Montessori Now or make a sensory bin like the one from Every Star is Different to create a fun, kid-friendly theme.  Be on the lookout for more free sea turtle printables and more life cycle printables from In Our Pond.

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